At Intelium we care about getting things done, about delivering meaningful and sustainable results.
That’s why our services have been designed to help you define where to head to achieve maximum impact as well as helping you
execute on the plan, transfer skills and transform your organization and ensure readiness for the future.

Vision and Strategy Development

Successful execution starts with a well thought out plan; a plan everyone can understand, a clear vision and a clear strategy. But a strategy also requires a solid understanding of the aspiration, the target markets, the “winning” approach as well as the required capabilities and management systems. Poor preparation results in challenges during execution.

Using Intelium’s proven and trusted approach we work with you to define your vision and strategy based on insight of your organization and its capabilities, your financials, competitive environment, market developments and trends and opportunities arising from regulation, digitization and reconfiguration of value chains.

As an organization focused on delivering tangible results to you, we deliver both the strategy as well as the associated execution plan and skills. No long stories and presentations, but tangible plans that get you from A to Z.


Design and Implementation

Having designed a strategy, effective, timely and agile execution is key. Execution often also requires developing the required capabilities in your organization to deliver the desired outcomes and ensure that the organization can be self-supporting after the transformation.

Intelium assists with the execution planning and where needed, with the execution itself by temporarily boosting your team with relevant skills. If required, we lead the transformation of the organization for you with tangible results. For this transformation process, Intelium brings in a global team of subject matter experts in digital transformation, industrial IoT, ICT, big data, finance, operations, sales and marketing.

We are focused on delivering results and we follow up our words with actions. Your success is our success.

Digital Solution and Product Management

To deliver new, innovative, compelling and agile products and solutions requires a substantial change for most organizations. Also, it involves change of thinking, an agile, customer and business focused mind set, and focus on execution and results.

Additionally, legacy processes and infrastructure, high investments and low levels of agility can be key barriers to agile digital solution development that results in additional costs and forms a substantial if not existential risk to the business.

Intelium helps you ensure that your operations and your organization is fit for purpose. We analyze your current operation, perform a gap analysis and assist you in creating the foundation for your success. We also assist with data privacy, GDPR and cybersecurity related questions to make sure your exposure is minimized. Finally, Intelium supports you by enabling effective digital product and solution development to ensure maximum value creation.